Tuesday, May 24, 2011


'kay. So, this is my first-ever post on my personal blog and I have no idea what to write. Hmmm...Well, maybe an explanation of the name? I was thinking about goats yesterday. Specifically, I was thinking about their weird pupils. And, somehow, I began musing on the nature of goats and their indiscriminate eating habits. My brain likes to go from tangent to tangent and if one tried to diagram my thought processes, it would probably look much like the path of a pinball in a very active machine. Suffice it to say that thinking about goats led me to thinking about books and I realized that my reading habits were similar to the eating habits of goats--indiscriminate and voracious. Hence, The Book Goat.

And, the purpose of this here blog? Simple. To blather on to the anonymous "masses" (Hello to the both of you!) about what I read. And, I read a lot. Really a lot. And I hate "grading" what I read, so GoodReads and similar sites aren't really a good fit for me because everything would have no stars or five stars, depending on the default settings. What I plan to do is just talk about what I've read, not really review it. You probably won't even see plot summaries. It's just a way for me to get my thoughts down into some permanent-ish form that I can reference later.

Now, to go organize the little slips of paper that I record titles on so I can start actually talking about the damned books already.

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